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Now Leasing

Construction is underway. The Spring District is now leasing retail space for occupancy in 2018 and office space for occupancy in early 2020.

Block 16

Total Area: 324,308 RSF
Parking Ratio 3.5/1,000 SF

Leasing Contact ::

The Broderick Group :: 425.646.3444

Grant Yerke :: Matt Schreck


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panoramic view from Block 16

Floor Floor Plate Area Available Comments
11 PDF 25,009 January 2020 Office
10 PDF 29,332 January 2020 Office
9 PDF 29,159 January 2020 Office
8 PDF 29,166 January 2020 Office
7 PDF 29,199 January 2020 Office
6 PDF 29,267 January 2020 Office
5 PDF 29,320 January 2020 Office
4 PDF 29,307 January 2020 Office
3 PDF 29,164 January 2020 Office
2 PDF 52,220 January 2020 Office
Lobby PDF 13,075 January 2020 Retail
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Total Area: 1,768 RSF

Leasing Contact ::

Wright Runstad & Company :: 206.224.1201

Jeff Myrter

Floor Floor Plate Area Available Comments
Street level PDF 1,768 Now Retail
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Block 24

Total Area: 166,614 RSF
Parking Ratio 3.5/1,000 SF

Leasing Contact ::
The Broderick Group :: 425.646.3444
Grant Yerke :: Matt Schreck

Floor Floor Plate Area Available Comments
9 PDF 17,238 1Q2021 Office
8 PDF 20,467 1Q2021 Office
7 PDF 20,474 1Q2021 Office
6 PDF 20,490 1Q2021 Office
5 PDF 20,502 1Q2021 Office
4 PDF 20,513 1Q2021 Office
3 PDF 20,525 1Q2021 Office
2 PDF 20,525 1Q2021 Office
Lobby PDF 5,880 1Q2021 Office
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Coming Soon

Construction is underway. The Spring District is now leasing office space for occupancy in 2020.


Currently in for permitting with the City of Bellevue, the future Brewpub will be home to approximately 9,000 square feet of brewery and restaurant space, an expansive outdoor beer garden with views overlooking the adjacent neighborhood park, and 14,000 square feet of creative office space. The Brewpub will be a hub of activity, serving as a community center, a place that welcomes guests, and a central location that encourages interaction and idea generation. Selection of a brewery and restaurant partners for the retail spaces are currently underway. The Brewpub is anticipated to open in 2020.


Now Leasing

Construction is underway. The Spring District is now leasing retail space for occupancy in 2018 and office space for occupancy in early 2020.


Security Properties was selected by Wright Runstad & Company and Shorenstein Properties to help kick off Phase One of The Spring District. Security Properties purchased a 2.5-acre parcel at The Spring District's southwest corner and opened 309 residential units in late 2016. Aptly named Sparc, this project includes best in class amenities, spacious floor plans, a Bright Horizon's childcare center, and convenient access to pedestrian friendly transit.





In addition to the 309 residential units already open at The Spring District, Security Properties is currently under construction for an additional 279 apartments located directly to the east. 




Phase 3 MultiFamily

AMLI Residential Properties will develop nearly 1.5 acres of land in the southwest corner of The Spring District with a multifamily project containing approximately 204 units. Construction is underway with completion by late 2019.

Planned for People

We’re creating a neighborhood that draws people in, just to be, sharing space with all the other people who are drawn to it too.

Great neighborhoods are designed for people.
There’s density and diversity, with a distinct flavor. There’s a variety of places and shops, with access to public transit. Spaces are flexible and lend themselves to collaboration. Blocks are short and walkable, and building practices respect the surrounding environment.

“There’s a generation now that is very much less about materialistic things but more about having great experiences. And I think The Spring District is really about providing those experiences.”
- Mindy Levine-Archer, Designer, The Spring District

“The Spring District is an interesting name. What we mean by “Spring” is a new beginning. And the idea that we’re going to take this place and we’re going to move it forward in a very significant, very important way for the City of Bellevue.”
- Randy Benedict, Design Leader, The Spring District

Urban Density Image

How do you go about creating a vibrant, living place where there was none before?
Principles of urban planning say density is the answer—bringing people in to live and work in compact quarters. The more people walking around on a city block, the more viable the economy there, which supports a greater variety of retail and services. But in order to attract this critical mass of people, you have to make them feel like they belong. So not just any density will do.

Pedestrian Scale Image

Pedestrian scale development is an approach to urban density that puts people first, and it’s a foundation of design at The Spring District.
Pedestrian scale neighborhoods have spaces for all sorts of different activities. Streets are friendly and pleasant and sized for the people who use them. There is plenty of open space for fresh air, and walks in the park. And there is access to all different forms of transportation, with pedestrian thoroughfares, mass transit, and space for bikes. All these principles work together to create real, authentic places. The kinds of places people want to be. Click here to view a recent transportation audit for The Spring District.

Pedestrian Scale Image

The philosophy behind sustainability in The Spring District
Every last element must have an authentic purpose and benefit. We don’t overuse, don’t overbuild and don’t overspend. With this in mind, our goal is to increase pedestrian activity, conserve water and other resources, decrease stormwater runoff, improve air quality, and promote energy independence within the district. The result is a place with a carefully considered efficiency that will keep buzzing along for generations, designed with ethics and accountability.

  • 120th Station
  • Meydenbauer Center
  • Overlake Hospital
  • Children's Hospital
  • Whole Foods
  • Group Health
  • Bellevue Station
  • Hospital Station
  • 120th Station
  • 130th Station
  • Overlake Village Station
  • Sea-Tac Airport
  • Renton Airport
  • Boeing Field
  • Bellevue College
  • Microsoft
  • University of Washington

Phases of Development

The Spring District will be built in three phases.

The eastern and southernmost blocks will be developed in Phase One, and will include office and residential buildings as well as the central park space. Development will eventually move north towards the future East Link rail station.

Item Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Total
Residential 10
- 2
- 340
Office 6
Retail 31,000
Hotel - - 199,000
Estimated Occupancy 2014-2018 2019-2022 2023-2026 -

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