Arts in the District

The Spring District is home to five public works of art (and counting) meant to engage viewers and visitors as they experience the neighborhood. Below you’ll find brief descriptions of the works, as well as links to further information where applicable. So grab some coffee at The Spring Cafe and enjoy finding these works of art throughout the neighborhood. You can either explore leisurely or do a more-guided tour using our Art Walk Map.

Judith and Daniel Caldwell

“La Sciarpa di Flora”

Primavera is an installation in two major parts, consisting of 200 spring-blooming bronze flowers in the ground plane of the Spring Park plaza, and a columnar sculpture with a flowing ‘fabric’ wrapping that is the wellspring of the pavement flowers. 

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Wynia Lang


Wynia Lang of Rhuby Studio, the mastermind behind the piece, describes Gyronic as “a nine-foot tall sculpture designed to spark curiosity and engage pedestrians in a shared experience. As the viewers pass, they are rewarded with an unexpected and dynamic optical display inviting further investigation."

John Fleming


Loom, with its tall steel ribs interlaced with reflective strands, expresses both meanings of arras: a richly woven tapestry and the weaving together of a vibrant new community. John is best known for his Grass Blades sculpture at Seattle Center. But as you get to know his work, you’ll find a wide assortment of materials, many salvaged and repurposed: reflectors from old traffic signs, salvaged iron plates and signal light from a railroad, and thousands of strips cut from the discarded shingles from an old bungalow.

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Celeste Cooning

Sea and Sky

Sea and Sky is “Reflections of One Another Becoming One and the Same.” The stylized, ornate fronds harken to the verdant beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Celeste is best known for creating large-scale, ethereal installations that can be found in city parks, storefronts, and special events throughout the region.

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Various Artists

Integrated Art at ARRAS

A distinguishing feature of Arras apartments, as well as our sister residential communities, is our focus on elevating spaces with art. We work with local artists to create and install gallery-worthy works throughout our properties for all to enjoy. Each artwork interprets the definition of Arras; a decorative woven tapestry wall hanging.

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Daisy Wall